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10 Tricks for better photos & videos with your phone camera!

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With this guideline your whole camera game will change!

Nowadays, you can take better picture and videos of your holiday experiences as ever before. Moreover, with the selfie stick being available to everyone you can take pictures of your travel group from greater distance much easier than before. These 10 tips will help you maximize the quality of your photos and videos. 10 Tricks kannst du ganz leicht das Maximum für deine Fotos & Videos herausholen. 

You know these situations either you are shopping in the city, on the biking tour or just in the office – there are moments which are worth saving for later on in form of a picture. Most of the times, a reflex camera is not available but wait! Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone in their pockets which they can take pictures with and share these via social media easily within seconds. But smartphones are more than just a polaroid 2.0.

The following 10 tips will provide you with extra knowledge to increase the quality of your future pictures.

1. Richtige Position zum Objekt finden

One of the main problems is that the picture with a smartphone camera are known as snapshots and rarely anybody watches the angle of the object photographed.

Think beforehand, what do you want to take the photo and then position yourself in the right angle to the object. This way, you will not need to cut off anything on the sides later on.

Ideally, you can only see on your smartphone display what is really necessary to be see in the photo or video.

2. Verzichte auf die Zoom-Funktion

Another popular problem while taking pictures and videos is the use of the zoom function which is caused by convenience, so that the photographer does not have to lower the distance towards the objects. Many people in these situations forget about the wide-angle focal length function of the smartphone cameras which is made for taking landscape photographs. This is why using the zoom will often lead to pixelated and blurred pictures.

Was der Fotograf jedoch verkennt: Handykameras haben üblicherweise eine Weitwinkelbrennweite. Das heißt, sie sind eher für die Landschaftsfotografie ausgelegt. Der Zoom führt die eigentliche Funktion des Objektives dementsprechend ad absurdum. Gerade hierdurch entstehen häufig verpixelte oder unscharfe Bilder.

Tip: Lower the distance to the focused object as much as possible and forego the zoom option in order to improve your picture.

3. HDR-Funktion nutzen

Nowadays, you come around the HDR option quite often, but what is it about? HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and means that while taking a photo, the camera takes multiple pictures with different lengths of exposure which then are merged into one picture afterwards. This is meant to lower the difference between the picture and the actual perception of the human eye.

Photographs become more detailed and multifarious.

It is not recommended to use this function when taking pictures of moving objects, because they will turn out washy.

4. Benutze zwei Hände

You can use your smartphone easily with just one hand but for taking pictures or videos this advantage can turn out disadvantageous. The outcome can be blurred.

This can be fixed quickly by taking both hands when pulling the trigger of your camera.

By the way: The bigger display of the newest smartphones come with the option to make sure whether the picture is blurred or pin sharp immediately after the shot. And, if it is blurred you have another try to take a better picture.

5. Immer ohne Blitz

Another phenomenon is the usual use of the flash function when being surrounded by bad lighting conditions. However, the one and only purpose of this flash should be the pocket light but never the light for professional photographs.

The reason is very simple: the power of the build-in flash is very low. Forego the option of using it, because it will alienate your pictures and highlight air particle.

By the way: Taking pictures with the direction of the light will always turn out better. You will avoid shadows and unrecognizability because of front lighting. Your pictures will look more natural than with artificial flash lighting.

A clean lens is essential

You know how it is: you put your smartphone somewhere in your bag, and while getting it out you touch the lens without recognizing and despite that in the heat of the moment you just take the picture. Afterwards, you recognize that the foggy image was caused by the smeared lens, and by trying to clean it quickly with your sweater, you ask yourself, if this yielded the desired effect.

The actual solution to the problem is pretty easy, before taking the first picture make sure the lens is completely clean. A cleaning rag for your glasses is always easy to take with you and should be your steady companion to make sure your photo quality is improved.

7. Verzichte auf die Frontkamera

There is no doubt that the front cameras of the newest mobile models steadily improve, nevertheless their quality cannot keep up with those of the back cameras. This is why you should always use the back camera for taking selfies, even if you cannot see yourself in the moment of the shot. At the same time, you will have greater joy looking at your memory pictures.

By the way: In case you do not always want to wrench in order to pull the trigger, just use the self-timer function. In doing so, you will have enough time to position the lens. Furthermore, the continuous shooting assists in making sure you intend becomes a success.

8. Rüste deine Kamera mit Apps aus

Advanced photographers are not satisfied with standard functions. That`s why they make use of upgraded cameras, because these have further functions like the ISO-value and manual adjustments of exposure time.

Meanwhile, there are different cheaper app options available, in which things like the white balance and exposure time can be handled.

These features make it possible to upgrade your camera according to your taste and without great effort.

9. Halte die Kamera immer quer

No matter if you take photos or videos, you can only get ideal results using the landscape format. This makes it possible to edit the picture of video afterwards, in order to delete redundant image areas. Portrait format restricts this option dramatically.

Moreover, photos and videos are hard to be pictured using the portrait mode, whether the width of the image is reduced or whether the picture is automatically changed by tilting the phone.

10. Nutze ein Smartphone-Stativ

Especially when you take pictures while moving, at night, or during bad light conditions, blur in pictures can come up easily due to short lighting times.

Therefore, your phone monopod assembles as perfect company to solve this problem. The monkeystick® offers you anything you need as a photographer. You can take it anywhere, it`s flexible and handy, so that it`s easy to be taken onto any tour without bringing an extra bag.

Convince yourself!

By the way: monkeystick® is the perfect attendant for taking successful selfies, which you want to take as a joy and memory for several years.

You do not need a reflex camera to take great pictures.

Times of carrying heavy bags, packed with countless camera equipment have passed. Nowadays, it is possible to take breathtaking pictures with your smartphone - no matter if photo or video. Just make sure you pay attention to our tips above, and you will recognize the difference. 

Have fun with putting all these tips into practice! And hey - Do not forget to share the best shots with us - on Instagram for example. 

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