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The black rubber net can be used to protect your smartphone during rough or juddering activities. For instance, when using the monkeystick while riding you bike, it is recommendable to fix your phone with the safety rubber. This results in additional support, even during rough underground your smartphone remains in the original position. 

Die Kopplung zwischen deinem Handy und der Bluetooth-Fernbedienung ist schnell erledigt. 

Step 1:Turn the switch, positioned on the side of the remote, from off to on.(Important: Turn the remote off after usage to save battery).

Step 2: 
Open the Bluetooth settings of your phone. 

Step 3: 
Verbinde dich mit dem Gerät „AB Shutter3„. Das ist der Name der Bluetooth-Fernbedienung.

Step 4: 
Now, open your camera and choose the right format according to your situation – photo or video. 

Step 5: 
Und jetzt  kann es auch schon losgehen 🙂 Mit einem Klick auf den deinem Handytyp entsprechendem Knopf löst du das Foto aus bzw. startest das Video. Falls du ein Video machst, beendest du die Aufnahme mit einem zweiten Klick auf denselben Knopf. 

It is sometimes possible that the connection cannot be set up right away. 
Firstly, check whether the light of the remote is on. If not, please check the whether the battery of the remote is empty. 

Secondly, it is possible that the battery is fully charged but the connection can still not be set up. For most customers who dealt with this problem, it worked after 10-15 tries. In case this does not help with your situation, please contact us via info@breeeze.it

The black screw attachment can be used when filming with a GoPro. It makes sure your GoPro can be safely attached to the monkeystick. 

The different attachment can be switched easily by screwing. 

Obviously, there are multiple options to attach the monkeystick to objects. However, we recommend the following wrap technique, because it gives the optimal grip according to our experiences. 

And that’s how it works:

Ja, der monkeystick kann auch für Unterwasseraufnahmen genutzt werden. 🙂

We treat every order with highest carefulness but we are no machines, mistakes may occur.
In case of error, which covers an incompletion of your order or any defects within the product, please contact us viainfo@breeeze.itWe will take care of your problem immediately. In the matter of defect products, please make sure to send us a photo of it. 

Yes, you can return the delivery within 30 days without any reason. Afterwards, we will transfer the money back to you.

Please send the product back to: 

breeeze.it UG
Deipenbecke 10
58452 Witten

We are very proud to have established an amazing Instagram-Community by now. In this community, the members post new examples and areas of use. 

Schau unbedingt mal vorbei! 🙂 

Check out our Instagram. 

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