"We love what we do!"

A young Start-Up from Germany with a big Goal in mind

Young & Dynamic

Part of our identity.

We are open-minded people who question the status quo. As a young start-up from Witten, Germany we expanded internationally to equip people from all over the world with the most flexible selfie stick on the planet. Through a carefully developed marketing strategy we want to become a known brand - especially on the internet. 

P.S. We are always open towards new partners with new ideas.


Experienced & Passionate

That's what we rely on.

To have the highest expertise in the area of product development is a must-have. Our monkeystick displays a great innovation. The long-term test and the product development are as important for the product as the product-launch. 

breeeze.it at a Glance

Numbers & Facts

Smart & open-minded thinkers

You want to work with us?

Feel free to reach out!

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