Cancellation/revocation policy

Right of rescission

You have the right to cancel this contract without any reason within 14 days.

The cancellation period starts at the day of delivery by a third person party and has a length of 14 days.

To make use of the right of rescission, you have to contact us ( UG (limited liability), Deipenbecke 10, 58452 Witten, phone: +49 172 2474631, e-mail:, internet:, CEO & Authorized to represent: Patrick Wonsowitz and Jens-Oliver Wolf, Registered in the Bochum Commercial register: HBR 16867, Turnover tax number: DE313830097, Tax number: 348/5804/3475) with an explicit clarification (e.g. via mail, telefax or e-mail) about the resolution of cancellation. Below, you can use the example form of the cancellation.

To ensure the cancellation period, it is enough to communicate the exercise of the right of rescission before the period has expired.

Consequences of cancellation

If you want to cancel the contract, we have to return all of your payments made in the past plus all shipment cost (except of the costs which occur due to a shipment method chosen by you different to the ones offered by us) immediately and within 14 days from the day of cancellation. For the return of payment, we will use the same transaction method as you did in the first place, except you explicitly declare a different method. However, we will not charge you for the repayment. We can deny the repayment until we have received the product or a proof that the good has been returned by you. It depends on the specific moment in time which option of the ones just mentioned applies here.

In any case, you have to return the product immediately within 14 days after you communicated the cancellation of contract with us. This period is ensured, if you send the good within 14 days.

You are charged for the immediate costs of sending back the product.. You will be charged for any decrease in value if this decrease can be attributed to you after testing the conditions, characteristics or functionality of the good.

Example form of cancellation

(If you want to make use of your right of rescission, please fill out this form and send it to us.)

To: UG (limitations of liabilities)
Deipenbecke 10, 58452 Witten
Phone: +49 172 2474631

Authorized to represent CEO
Patrick Wonsowitz
Jens-Oliver Wolf

Registered in the Bochum Commercial Register: HRB 16867
Turnover tax number: DE313810097
Tax number: 348/5804/3475

- Herewith I/we cancel the concluded contract about the purchase of the following product (*)/ performance of service (*)

- Ordered on (*)/ delivered on (*)

- Name of the consumer(s)

- Address of the consumer(s)

- Signature of the consumer(s) (only necessary of the cancellation is delivered on paper)

- Date

(*) Please cross out if not appropriate

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