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Simply explained: This is how Selfie Sticks with Bluetooth remote work

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The most popular mobile gadget:
Selfie sticks in combination with Bluetooth remote.

For hobby photographers they have become indispensable, for influencers even a must. We are talking about Selfie Sticks or Selfie poles. These are telescopically extendable rods at the end of which the smartphone or camera can be mounted. The photographer takes the other end in his hand and thus has an "extended arm".

The advantage is obvious: the extended distance between the smartphone or camera and the person to be photographed allows a much larger image section to be captured. This provides enough space for the image of the surroundings as a background for the subject or of larger groups without unnecessarily distorting.

But how does it actually work to release a picture and what types of selfie-sticks exist? We want to introduce to you below as an example the two variants of selfie-sticks; with selftimer and Bluetooth.

Release by self-timer

The simplest and most classic way to record a selfie is to set a self-timer. This simply activates the "timer" function that is standard in smartphones or modern cameras. You can set regular times between 3 and 10 or even 30 seconds.

The advantage of this type of recording is that a simple and therefore inexpensive Selfie Stick without additional modules is sufficient. From our point of view this is the "beginner's version".

Triggered by Bluetooth remote control.

From our point of view, the more professional version of the Selfies photo release can be achieved by a Bluetooth remote control. In this variant, a remote trigger is mounted on the handle of the Selfie Stick, which is connected to the smartphone - just like when connecting a Bluetooth headset or a box to the mobile device.

If the connection is established, recordings can easily be triggered manually from the handle, without any time pressure and without using a cable.

The advantage of this shooting option is that the photographer can take the desired position in peace and quiet and will only trigger the shot when the perfect time has come.

A revolution - the monkeystick®

Our team has followed the trend of the Selfie Stick for a long time and of course also made recordings with the popular mobile gadget. But then came the point where a Selfie Stick just didn't work, e.g. when we wanted to move our hands freely to make the picture look more alive. The idea for the monkeystick® was born! 

Whether you are a beginner or just looking for a way to professionalize yourself, the monkeystick® can be your ideal companion and adapts to you and your photo styles.

You want more flexibility in your shots, and want to try out completely new angles & perspectives? We have included the monkeystick® with Bluetooth function in our program for this purpose. Just try it out. monkeystick mit Bluetooth-Funktion ins Programm aufgenommen. Probiere es einfach aus.

By the way: The free formability allows you to turn any place into your own photo studio compared to conventional selfie sticks. It can be attached in seconds and your mobile phone is optimally aligned. Now trigger your photo or video via Bluetooth remote control and you're done! 

Wir wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Zusammenstellen deines Handy-Zubehörs und freuen uns schon bald kreative Aufnahmen von dir auf Instagram zu sehen 🙂 

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About the author

Patrick Wonsowitz

Patrick Wonsowitz

Patrick is the co-founder of UG and has been part of the development team for the monkeystick®. Furthermore, he is responsible for the marketing and sales department.

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